with DAVID BOWIE: 2 world tours, 3 records, and one single/video (Pretty Pink Rose). with FRANK ZAPPA: 1 world tour, 7 records, and one live film (Baby Snakes). with TALKING HEADS: 1 world tour, 2 records. with THE TOM TOM CLUB: one multi-platinum single (Genius Of Love). with KING CRIMSON: 33 years of touring, multiple records, DVD’s, and 2 Grammy nominations. with LAURIE ANDERSON: 3 records and one live film (Home Of The Brave). with PAUL SIMON: 3 multi-platinum records (including Graceland). with NIN: 5 multi-platinum records (including Downward Spiral). records with other artists include: CYNDI LAUPER, JEAN MICHEL JARRE, JOE COCKER, RYUICHI SAKAMOTO, THE BEARS, MIKE OLDFIELD, CAIFANES, and many others.